Interview Tips

When you are called for an interview, it is easy to get nervous and distracted; to keep calm, familiarize yourself with the questions that are often asked during an interview. One important note is to always learn about the company’s culture. Nowadays it is easy to find out information regarding companies; Use your resources such as the company’s website, friends or family members that have worked for that company, or take a day off and visit the company and ask the employees about their positions. When you take the time to familiarize yourself with the company and the position you are applying for, it shows through your interview. You want to let the interviewer know that you took your time to learn about the company; it takes time and initiave that will not be overlooked by the interviewer or recruiter.

Interviews Do’s and Don’t

 During the interview, you want to let your skills and experience shine. Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’t’s while interviewing:

  • Remember when having a strong handshake meant something? It still DOES! DO shake your employer’s hand as you are introducing yourself when you first walk in for your interview. This is one of those moments where the “germophobe” in you needs to take a backseat. Employers are looking for a “people’s person”; DON’T  let a handshake cost you the interview.
  •  When you are asked to speak about yourself, DO speak in regards to what you have accomplished (graduated college, your passions, etc).DON’T start mentioning “traits” that you think can get you on the employer’s “good side” (ie. “I am a people’s person”, “I have great customer service”, I am always willing to help”). It does not make you sound sincere in your answers.
  • The interviewer will ask you why you want to leave your current employer (if applicable); DO let the interviewer know your reasearch about the company and why do you think it would be a better fit for you. DON’T start to speak in regards to arguments, pay, or conflicts that are actually happening in your place of work.
  • DO ask questions on what a typical day looks like for the position you are applying for. The interviewer WANTS you to ask questions about the company. This is the way you are displaying interest in the compnay and position that you are applying for. The questions that you ask could be related to company’s health benefits, educational programs, charity work, Paid time off or vacation time.
  • One of the biggest pet peeves of interviewers is a prospective candidate that is fixated on the pay rate. DON’T make the pay rate the main reason for your application. You want the interviewer to trust that you WANT to work for them. Let the interviewer trust that your goal is to be in that company. When pay rate becomes the sole reason for your application, the employer steps back and wonders if you will be quick to leave your position for a higher pay rate in the future.
  • DO dress accordingly for an interview. Learn about the company’s dress code by either their website or by visiting the company. Although dress pants and a tie sound appropriate for an interview, some companies require you to wear a casual attire instead. When you are called for the interview, ask about the attire. It may be business casual, formal or street casual depending on the company. Search the web for the difference in attire to get a feel of what the company is referring to.
  • DO arrive ten to fifteen minutes prior to the time of the interview. It is a great impression for the interviewer to see that you have great time management. Take your time to prepare directions to get to the site in a timely manner. DON’T be late or too early. Arriving late gives the employer a sense of your disregard for their time; arriving more than 20 minutes early makes you seem too eager and unable to manage your time correctly.
  • When you are contacted for an interview, DO ask what you should bring if it has not been stated. Some companies requiere you to bring a copy of your resume, cover letter or the reference’s contact information. It is best to show up prepared.

How to Answer Interview Questions

Keywords: Questions, Professionalism, Confidence

Picture yourself in an office, closed quarters, you have answered all youir interview questions and feel completely confident that you are doing a great job; suddenly, out of nowhere a question comes up that you don’t understand. It is frustrating to sit for an interview and then feel “stuck”; however, it is more common than you think.

 Don’t be afraid to ask the employer to repeat the question or to elaborate some more on the question. It is best for you to really understand the questions in an interview and answer accordingly, than to try to answer a question that you may not understand.  Interviewers do catch up to little things like this and can either deduct that you are nervous, or that your answers are not sincere. The former being one of the worst interview moments.

When you are asked a question during an interview, your answer should reflect your passion for the company. Innapropritae jokes, curse words, and a bad attitude will not get you anywhere in an interview. Your answers should always remain positive. Difficult situations happens to all of us, but an interview is not the place for you to share such situations. Private matters should remain that, private. It is imperative that you learn to be professional as soon as walking into an interview room. You want the employer to see the best of you.

Remember, your resume should not speak completely for you. An interview is the perfect time for you to add more of your personality. When you do your research, you will boost your confidence. A positive personality shows through, and you will be more likely to impress your prospective employer.

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