Writing a Cover Letter

A cover letter may be difficult to write if it’s your first time doing so. All it takes to get comfortable writing a cover letter is practice, and your most sincere writing skills.

What is a Resume Cover Letter? 

The main reason to write a cover letter is to explain to a prospective employer why you are applying to a specific position within their company. A cover letter is used to target your genuine feelings about your career of choice. It’s important to provide the cover letter if you want to further explain your skills, experience and goals that could not be targeted by your resume. The cover letter is your resume’s “supplement” which will personalize your resume for a specific company.

Basic Cover Letter Etiquette


First, be sure to read and re-read the job description that you are applying for. When writing a cover letter, you want to let the employer know additional skills and experiences that could not be detailed in your resume. However, it is imperative that once you read the job description, your experience has the same keywords as their job description.

Second, be proffessional. A cover letter is not an update on your facebook/twitter status; use your resources, such as spell check, proofreading and make sure that your layout does not seem cluttered.

Thirdly, it may be easier to write a general cover letter and send it out with your resume to every company you are applying to. This is the number one mistake and the most frowned upon in the business world.  To write a general cover letter difuses the purpose of targeting the employer; it is not professional, and it makes the candidate seem as lazy and not serious about the effort that is needed to prove yourself to that company.

What You Will Need to Write a Resume Cover Letter


The following check list is what you will need to write a succesful resume cover letter:

  • Your information: Name, address, phone number and email.
  • The date.
  • Employer’s information: Address, phone number.
  • An audience: if you can find out the name of the person that is the recruiter, it’s important to personalize that cover letter with their name. If not, a simple “Dear Hiring Manager” will suffice.
  • The reason why you are applying for this position.
  • The reason the company should hire you.
  • Skills and experience not in resume that fit the job description may be mentioned.
  • Your goals in the company you are applying to.
  • Thank the “hiring manager” for reading your resume and cover letter.
  • Your signature and open a request to speak further in person.
  • Make sure there are no gramattical errors.
  • Font is proffesional (Times New Roman is most common) and font size does not exceed 10-12 inches.

Template for Resume Cover Letter

Your Name


Your Address


Your Phone Number – Your Email Address



[Employer Contact Information]






Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name: [Salutation]


[First Paragraph]

Tip- On the first paragraph mention how did you find out about this position, the reason why you are applying to this position and your goals in this company

[Second Paragraph]

Note- This section of your cover letter may serve as a way of “supplementing” your resume; write down skills and experiences that prepare you for this position and why you will be the best candidate based on those skills.

[Third and Final Paragraph]

Tip- This is the conclusion of your cover letter. Make sure that you thank the enmployer for considering you for this position. It is best that you provide again your contact number or email for a future meeting or follow up.

[Complimentary Close]

May use “Regards, sincerely, etc”

Example of Resume Cover Letter

Name Applicant

123 Sydney, Australia 2000  

 Phone: 555-555-5555 

Email: n.applicant@qlu.net

Monday, August 3, 2012


Name  Employer

Human Resources Coordinator

WeB Company

342 Sydney, Australia 2010


Dear Mr. Employer,

I am Interested in the position of IT expert in  response to your advertisement in careerbuilder.com. My successful history as an IT expert has prepared me for coding and the transmission industry. I had the honor to read more about Web Company through your company’s website and my expertise in the field would benefit  Web Company’s sales.

Currently I possess over 10 years in IT Expert field. My duties in the XYZ Company have prepared me to manage people, resources and processes. Through the years I have designed XYZ Company’s website, IT Content Company’s website, and have followed through the industries of the IT Expert environment  and programming. As an IT Expert I Coach and develop direct reports; in This year alone I have reduced the XYZ company’s turnover by 46 percent. Recruitng and staffing are also part of my responsibilities in the company and have created a direct increase in the company’s rating system.

I believe I possess all the qualities and experience that Web Company deserves and would like to welcome the opportunity to further discuss my potential and goals in Web Company. Thank you in advance for your consideration .


Name Applicant

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